Map of London

1862 - 1871

Source: Stanford (Edward), Library Map of London and its Suburbs.

Scale: 6 inches to one Eng. statute mile

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London North West
London North East
London South West
London South East

Map Frontispiece: Index to Stanford's Library Map of LONDON and its SUBURBS in 24 sheets on the scale of six inches to a mile showing the extent of the complete map and the number contents and juxta positions of each sheet with an explanation of the characters and symbols employed in the large map. The Parks, Commons, Enclosures, and Cemeteries accessible to the Public, may be distinguished by a green tint.
Railway Stations—Red
Omnibus routes—brown
Small figures 37 denote Heights in feet above mean level of the Sea (Ordnance datum).

This Stanfords Map of London includes the following, plus surrounding localities:

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